One of the benefits of Conexa is a personal page for each member. Your personal page is your personal “real estate” within the Conexa community. It’s yours to do with as you please.

You can use this space as a simple profile page if you like. Or you can implement all the bells and whistles as part of your overall marketing campaign. This is the place where people are going to go – after they read your content or see you on a leaderboard – to learn more about you. This is also the place where Conexa members can friend you or simply follow you (and get notifications when you post new content).

Savvy marketers will take full advantage of this page, adding a profile photo, a cover photo, biography, and links to their own offers/websites/squeeze pages.

Bottom line: this is the place to promote yourself.

Instructions (this is best completed on desktop, not mobile):

1. Open the Conexa homepage in a new tab (you may need to log in again). When you have the new tab loaded, come back to this page and continue with  the instructions below.

2. On the Conexa homepage, you will see a small, circular avatar in the top, right-hand, corner of the page. Click that avatar.

3. Your personal page will load; if you are a new member, then you’ll see a big empty default header across the op of the page and a generic mystery man avatar on the left-hand side. This is what members see when they want to learn more about you.

4. Beneath the default header, you’ll see the personal page menu bar with the following menu items:

Overview / Activity Wall / My Posts / Comments / Friends

At the far right-hand side of that menu bar is a second, smaller, mystery man avatar. Click that avatar to expand your personal customization menu.

5. At the top of that expanded customization menu, click on “Profile Settings”.

6. You will be taken to the your full customization area.

7. The first area that appears will give you an option to change your public nickname (and make it distinct from your login username). We recommend using your real name as the whole idea behind Conexa is trust.

8. On the left-hand side of this page, you will see three menu options:

Profile Settings / Account Settings / Widget Settings

9. You are already in the Profile Settings section (where you can change your public nickname), so no need to click on that link.

10. After you change your nickname (optional), you can go to Account Settings if you want to update your email, password, or notifications settings.

11. The Widget Settings section is the place where you can add your biography to your personal page.

Note: You can say anything you want on your biography, and you can link to anything you want; just keep in mind, a lot of people will visit this page.

12. You can also use the Widget Settings section to add a very large, prominent link to your website or offer.

13. Next, you’ll want to update your avatar photo and cover photo. On the left-hand side of this page – just below the words “Member Since” – you’ll see five small buttons (different colors). Hover your cursor over each button, and you will find the desired functions for uploading avatar photos and cover photos to your personal page.

14. If you have any questions, just send us a note via Contact Us.

Again, if you’re on mobile right now, or you just don’t want to do this right now, then you should check out our Time to Take Action! page.