One of the benefits of Conexa is the opportunity to promote your personal offers to a very large audience of internet marketers for free.

How does this work? Well, the marketer who attains the most Cred Points each week – from 12:00 AM Sunday to 11:59 PM Saturday (PST) – will be featured right on the Conexa homepage the following week with a large banner linking to his/her personal page, where he/she can advertise a personal offer or service or even an advertisement for someone else’s offer (with an affiliate link).

So, basically, members who attain the most Cred Points in a given week are going to get prime advertising real estate right on the home page of Conexa. Members can check their rank anytime on the Conexa Weekly Leaderboard.

This should translate into a TON of free traffic from hungry internet marketers who are ready to take you up on one of your offers. Maybe this is an optin for a free e-book. Maybe it’s an ad for one of your premium products. Maybe it’s an affiliate link to a high performing Clickbank product that you really believe in. Whatever, the case, you’re going to get lots of free traffic.

For more details on how this works – or to learn more about Cred Points – check out our FAQ page.