3 Best SEO Tools to Analyze a Web Page

Almost any business today has a website. Smart entrepreneurs know the importance of online presence for recognition as well as wider reach among the audience.

Tracking the progress of the website on search engines is as essential as creating the site. Search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics and similar metrics help you pull the reports and gather the data to show you how your website is ranking and how it fares against your competitors.

Here are some tools that can help in studying the changes in the search engine results for a website.


This tool is a complete package for website analysis. It helps you to create the content, determine the best places to market your brand and value proposition, and optimize the search engine results.

The competitive analysis will help you interpret the best keywords to use. You can see the keywords used by rivals for site optimization. Understand your own and other’s ranking for specific keywords. Compare these for performance data such as traffic, monthly search volume, cost-per-click estimation and popularity.

The landing pages of similar sites can be viewed for the subject keyword. This way, new ideas can be obtained. Find the right keywords.


This paid tool comes with an offer of one week trial for $7.

Analyzing can be done for various problems related to:

Title – very long, too short, duplicating, missing words

Links – internal and external links, broken links, redirects

Performance – slow pages, size of the resource file

Crawl-ability – Nofollow pages, No index pages

Image – image size and alt text

Visual data about SEO with charts and comparisons are available. This makes drawing competitor comparisons a hassle-free exercise. You can schedule SEO checks for a particular time. So, monitoring the changes between the checks can be done regularly.


With this tool, you can track your website data and easily share it with your co-workers and clients. There is no limit for the website review generation. You can track your progress as many times as you wish to.

Use these tools to keep track of your web success and improvise whenever necessary. When you make progress, check what factors had the most positive impact and keep repeating them accordingly.


What do you think?

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5 months ago

All of these are great SEO tools, you should also add Ubersuggest which is a keyword finder tool that helps to identify keywords.

Last edited 5 months ago by Muhammad-Kashif
John Five
Rock Star
5 months ago

I think ahrefs is to costing, I do use SEMrush though. Good article.

5 months ago

My favorites are Ahrefs and SEMrush. But most of the time I use tools for building backlinks and Ahrefs seems like the perfect one.

Syed M. Umair
5 months ago

These are all amazing tools, I prefer SEMrush.

5 months ago

These all are very good tools for analysis the website pages as well as backlinks and user activities.

4 months ago

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