Can We Use Quora For SEO?

Being one of the largest questions and answers websites on the internet, quora is a great way to boost a website’s online presence. Even according to search engine journal, relevant and quality links in Quora also adds to the authority of a website (although authority is not a parameter set by Google). No matter you are working on some macro niche or a micro-niche, you can always find relevant threads in Quora.

Quora also offers free keywords that work. Most of the queries that users ask are not just limited to that particular person, many other persons are searching for the same solutions. So, you can find your niche relevant question-based keywords on Quora.

Tip: You can use the Quora ads account to find relevant questions, all you need is a few seed keywords and the Quora campaign manager can fetch you a lot of relevant keywords that are not only valuable but also searched by your audience.

Once you have found your keywords, you can check their metrics manually or using some tools such as long tail pro, Ahrefs, Moz, or whatever tool you prefer for Keyword research. After filtering good keywords, you can start working on them. Quora can help you in writing as well, you can write a good piece of content, and fill the content gaps using the answers or relevant questions from Quora, which means that you will be ahead of your competitors in providing the quality content because of more in-depth research and coverage.

You can also link your article in the quora answers because sometimes the questioner wants to read a well-formatted and organized piece of content instead of just a Quora Answer, so there are chances that the users can click on your anchor text to read the article, thus giving you highly converting relevant traffic.

Thus, we can say that Quora is a tool that we can use for SEO but a little creativity and a proper strategy are always required for any project.


What do you think?

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Syed M. Umair
7 months ago

I totally agree! Quora is a very underrated platform and it needs more recognition.

Chetan bali
7 months ago

Quora is among the top authority website without any doubt, but I feel due to similar posting by users make its no more impactful site for SEO(in my opinion). many years back EzineArticles was the authority & top article website which has a high impact in ranking keywords but after few updated algorithms n Google CEO, clear in 1 interview to many, that similar content posting authority website has no more advantage.

John Five
Rock Star
7 months ago

Quora is one of the best things you can use for SEO. You can be on top of Google within 48 hours. Quora as power when it comes to Google so post good answers. Titles are the main thing to concentrate as Quora will get you ranked very fast for your main keywords. Do make sure you link bank to your own site though or it will all be a waste and you will lose so so much target traffic. Please make sure your questions or answers do not look spammy and you will see results.

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