Keyword Cannibalization – How to Spot It, Avoid It, and Fix It

Keyword Cannibalization is when your website has many similar or identical keywords spread all over your site’s content. Thus, Google cannot discern the content; it should rank higher. As a result, there are times it has a higher ranking for a web page you do not prioritize. Also, it can lower the ranking of other pages optimized with similar keywords.

So how do you identify and avoid keyword Cannibalization?

A simple search online of your keywords can reveal this. Also, you can try to search along “Domain + keywords” to get the information you want. You may even discover an info page is ranking higher than a sales page or product review page. That is an example of keyword cannibalization.

These are some of the things to do to prevent this:

Merge Content

Maybe you have two pages that are discussing similar things. The best solution is to combine them and have all the content on a single page. This trick does not work for every situation, but merging content helps your site’s SEO.

Delete Content

If there is a page you feel is not relevant to your site, you should delete it.

Remove Keywords

Maybe you want to maintain certain content, and the presence of a keyword is not important, then you should remove it.

Change Your Internal Linking

In this case, you should alter the internal linking strategy to ensure less important content links to the content you prioritize.

Good content is quite important if you want to rank higher in search engines. However, you want to avoid keyword cannibalization even to rank higher.


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