Most Important Tags to Boost your Website Visibility

SEO (search engine optimization) is a practice of making your website code/script easy to understand for search engines. For this purpose, we have HTML and non-HTML codes to utilize, making the website search engine friendly.

These codes are crucial because they, directly or indirectly, affect the ranking of keywords and conversion rate of a website. While SEO pros are aware of these codes, beginners need to learn, understand, and implement them for getting better results. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top 10 Essential Tags to Boost your Website Visibility on Search Engines:

HTML Tags for SEO

1. Page Title Tag

This tag will help search engines to understand the subject of the content. Also, as it is the first thing to appear on the SERP, it assists the users to determine if the particular link will solve their query or not. SEO pros prefer to use their primary and secondary keywords in this tag.

2. Meta Description Tag 

The correlation of this tag is very close to the page title. Meta description helps search engines to get more insights on the particular topic discussed within the content. It appears right below the Page Title and Slug, so you must write it carefully.

3. Alt Tags

A lot of users press the “images” tab on the top of the search engine page. But it is substantial to consider that the search engine is unable to read images. So, we have an alt tag to help it understand the purpose of an image via naming it. That’s how images rank on Google. 


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6 months ago

Great article. Tags are always important for any website optimization

6 months ago

Excellent points, every tag has its own importance, and these are the important part of the solid SEO.

Rajni Rajput
6 months ago

Great Articles, Image Expiry Tags are also important.

John Five
Rock Star
6 months ago

Yes, page title tags & meta description tags are very important.

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