Tips For Finding Low Compition Keywords To Rank On Google

Ranking on Google is incredibly hard nowadays as compared to the 2000s, But it is definitely not impossible.

A great way to find low competition keywords is to look for long-tail keywords, For example, if you are trying to sell rock climbing shoes and you are writing an article about rock climbing, the keyword “Rock Climbing” may be very competitive but a long-tail keyword such as questions about rock climbing shoes. For Example, Will rock climbing shoes stretch?

Long-tail keywords like these may be less searched up than the keyword but it definitely would be less competitive and you can rank easily with it.

A great way to know what everybody is asking about a certain topic is to go to a website called There you can type in your general keyword and it will automatically show you the top questions that the general public is asking.

Another great way to find long-tail keywords is to go on Reddit. Reddit is one of the rare platforms nowadays which has genuine interaction and is free from people trying to sell things.

There you can go on your niche’s subreddit and find out what people are discussing about your niche. It is a great place to find long-tail keywords that would receive a high volume of traffic and are not that competitive.


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Tim Culpepper
7 months ago

What a fantastic tip! I thought I knew all the SEO resources out there, but apparently not.

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