Ultimate Guide to Anchor Text Selection

Anchor text optimization is an important offsite SEO skill you need to master. That is because when it is done right, you can rank higher in SERPs with fewer links as compared to your competitors. Unfortunately, if you get it wrong, you will likely be hit with a Penguin penalty.

If you are not sure what anchor texts to use in your upcoming SEO campaign, then this guide is what you need. The truth is that it takes practice and analysis to select the best anchor text. If there is an SEO skill you need to master yourself, it is this one instead of relying on others.

What is an Anchor Text?

First, let us understand what is considered to be an anchor text. It can be defined as a clickable text in a hyperlink. This is what it looks like in HTML:

<a href=” https://conexa.com/”>Excellent SEO Platform</a>

On the webpage, it will appear like this: Excellent SEO Platform.

Why Choose the Right Anchor Text?

As you know, backlinks are quite important in ranking a page, so do anchor texts. That is because search engines use anchor texts to determine the relevance of a page. For instance, if your website gets quality backlinks with anchor text “SEO blog,” then Google will determine that your site is about search engine optimization.

In the past, it was easy to rank a website by sending links with anchor text the same as the keyword. Well, that is no longer the case.

Penguin Update

Penguin came around April 2012, and it was meant to be a solution to backlink manipulation. The update looks at the links your site gets and the anchor text. Therefore, if your anchor text selection does not look realistic, then you get penalized.

That does not mean you cannot send a few backlinks with the exact keyword. In fact, doing so can boost your rankings. However, overdoing it will definitely get you penalized. Thus, you need to achieve balance.

Determining the Right Anchor Text Distribution

I use Ahrefs for this. Ideally, I use the tool to analyze the competition and then come up with a list of text anchors to use.

This is the distribution that has been recommended by most experts:

50% Brand/URL Anchors

In this case, you can use anchors such as Conexa. This tactic works for only PMD and non-PMD sites. URL variations are conexa.com, www.conexa.com, https://conexa.com/, and more.

25% Topic Anchors

For example, “Fishing Equipment” can be used as anchor text for a keyword, “best fishing reel.”

10% Target Keywords

Some examples: best fishing reel, buy a fishing reel, fishing reel reviews, and more.

15% miscellaneous anchors

Examples are read more, check this website and more.

Point to Note

From my experience, if you want to rank the keyword “best fishing reel,” I use this anchor “fishing reel” as I have found it to push the needle in rankings.


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5 months ago

Great article, Abel

Syed M. Umair
5 months ago

Really great article, Thank you Abel.

5 months ago

Excellent tips for the anchor text selection, before that I didn’t notice how to choose the right anchor text, but this article is very helpful.

John Five
Rock Star
5 months ago

Good article, thank you for the information.

Rajni Rajput
5 months ago

Great Tips, Abel…

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