What Is SEO? Does it matter in 2020?

Many people ask… What is SEO and is it important? 

SEO (search engine optimisation) is very important when it comes to your blog or website.

If SEO is done right, this will make sure your website/blog get noticed by all the main search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc and get you’ll higher rankings.

What are keywords?

Keywords are how people find your content, for example, if your website is about dieting, your main keyword you would want to use is dieting.

Keyword research & competition

As mentioned above, if your website is about dieting you would want to use the keyword dieting, which is right but would not get you good results in the search engine rankings as a single keyword will have major/big competition.

This is where keyword research is important, there are free tools online to do this.

To get higher rankings you should go for long-tail keywords; for example… Best dieting keto products; you are still using the keyword dieting but – as a phrase – the competition is much lower, and you will stand a much better chance of getting to the top of search engines, which will increase your organic traffic.


What do you think?

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9 months ago

I believe SEO will matter in the whole next decade, not even in just 2020, with time it will become a more tough game to rank because competition which is already high is going a step ahead!

Tim Culpepper
9 months ago
Reply to  Rachel

Yep. It’s always changing. Hard to keep up sometimes.

Saad Ahmad Lone
9 months ago

Good attempt! Secondary keywords (LSI) and backlinks also play a vital role in optimizing your content.

Farhana Reza Jasi
9 months ago

Interesting topic, Thank you for share

9 months ago

SEO is still very much relevant even in 2020

Last edited 9 months ago by Emmanuel404
Syed M. Umair
6 months ago

I believe SEO is still really relevent, just the old methods don’t work and techniques are in constant flux

6 months ago

very nice article.i totally agree ..SEO is still really relevant.

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