Best Tactics to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

More businesses are coming up and many are seeing the effectiveness and profitability associated with social media. This is due to the fact that it is easy to find new customers and network with them very effectively. Also, unlike traditional marketing methods, it does not cost a fortune to market online. For this reason, too, businesses and companies are increasingly utilizing the advantages of social media marketing.

However, as an online entrepreneur, it is very important to know that your social media marketing activities require a carefully crafted strategy. The steps below will help explain how to approach your social media marketing plan in few easy steps.

#1. Set your social media goals

As an online entrepreneur, you should know, understand and outline your goals. I will also advise you to not just deal with your site metrics like mere likes and retweets. Also, try and focus on your generated leads, conversion rates and referrals to your website. You can employ the SMART principle when defining your goals.

S- Specific: Let your goals be explicit and clear enough

M- Measurable: Let your goals be quantifiable and calculable

A- Appealing: Make your goals attractive, even to yourself

R- Realistic: Set attainable and genuine goals, not some unrealistic and unachievable goals

T- Timed: Time your goals. Set goals achievable within a specific period of time

#2. Conduct a thorough social media assessment 

Evaluate your social media network. Ascertain who you’re already connected to on social media, find out which networks your audience prefer, use or spend more time on and how your own social media presence compares to the competition on ground.

 #3. Join the moving train

Have you decided which social networks are best for your business? Then set up an account on each of those platforms. Make sure everything you post there matches your overall business goals and target audience and do necessary and essential follow-up on the overall engagements of all your posts.

#4. Get inspired by others 

Check what content competitors from your industry share. Try and get detailed overview and gain insights on how to reach out to possible customers and stand out from the competition. Also find out what makes big establishments and companies right and how you can incorporate their strategies into your own social media marketing strategy.

#5. Create a social media calendar 

The calendar is very central to your overall social media marketing plan. Your calendar should include the day and time you want to post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other type of social media networks and make sure you are committed to it.

#6. Always evaluate and correct your strategy

You have complete control over the strategy you use. So, you can adjust your strategy over and over again using performance metrics. Evaluate facts such as the number of clicks per post, the reach of your campaigns, and the number of page views made through social media. You can use this data to further optimize your strategy and see where you can make necessary changes.


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Syed M. Umair
4 months ago

Amazing Article! I truly believe that social media is now the most powerful means of marketing.

John Five
Rock Star
4 months ago

Very good article, I have had good results with Twitter & Facebook in the past.

Rajni Rajput
4 months ago

Great article.. Keep it up!!!

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