Drive Free Organic Traffic To Your Online Store (With Instagram)


  • In order to drive the right type of audience to your site, you need to know which hashtags are relevant to your niche. This is not only for use on your posts, but it will also be important for you in the next steps.
  • How to find the right hashtags?
  • Let’s say you are looking to sell sneakers. First, go to a very general and obvious hashtag ( #Sneakers )

  • Now go to a top post which is also selling sneakers and has a lot of engagement, and copy the hashtags they are using.

  • One thing you need to know about hashtags is that some are very competitive (usually those that have more than 1M Posts), and there are some that are not that competitive (usually those that have less than 50k posts). Your list should have a mix of these.
  • The maximum number of hashtags you can use on a post is 30, so make use of this.


  • This is the most important part: if you want to get more traffic you have to have more followers in the same niche.
  • The first thing you should be doing is posting quality content on your Instagram along with the offer of your online store.
  • Recommended is 3-5 posts a day, Instagram is very different than other platforms. You have to be continuously posting in order for your posts to get seen by your followers. Your old posts are going to be forgotten.
  • The most effective tactic to get more followers of your niche is to follow THEM; should go ahead and like their posts, comment on them, or maybe even interact with them.
  • To find the people to follow simply go to the like section of one of the top post of your niche.

  • Here are all the people that may also be interested in your product.
  • One thing to be careful about is: Instagram is quick on flagging spam, so don’t spam or follow a lot of people at once. The recommended is 40 activities per hour.
  • Yes, it is a slow process but it leverages over time, and it’s 100% free traffic; it just requires effort.


  • Instagram does not let you put links on your posts (but you are allowed to link to a website in your profile bio). So make sure to include the words similar to “link of product/service is in bio”
  • Make good use of stories too; they can be a powerful tool.
  • After you reach 10,000 followers instagram lets you put links directly to your stories so this provides you a huge leverage.


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Tim Culpepper
1 month ago

Great article. The key here is to reach 10,000 followers. As you said, that’s when you can link directly to your website.

1 month ago

Good post indeed!

Ritesh Kumar
1 month ago

Great Article, You made it more readable by making bullet points.

1 month ago

This is great. Actually, I have always believed that Instagram is a great online marketing tool. Thumbs up.

John Five
1 month ago

Nice post, I will have to try this, I have used Insta in the past for adult CPA offers & had success. I will have to try it on my store.

1 month ago

No doubt Instagram is a great marketing tool, I have sold affiliate product on Instagram many times…and above all, most of the times I just rely on reposting xD

2 days ago

Informative content…. Appreciated

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