How to create social media marketing tactics for 2020

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Trying to make your debut on social media marketing? And still, perplexed from where to start?

Choosing the right channels and strategies isn’t a piece of cake, especially for a beginner. That’s why I’ve added 4 certain tactics that will yield excellent results for your social media marketing campaign.

Following are the rightful tactics that will definitely take you ahead of the pack:

1) Competitors analysis

This should be one of your foremost duty to have an eagle eye on your rivals—the competitors who are well established in their business. Looking and observing their applied strategies will clearly make your mind regarding the strategies to be followed. You can get massive assistance from your spy analysis tools.

You don’t have to copy-paste the strategies brainlessly but to analyze and implement them on your own.

Make your game plan to conquer the audience, not let them just talking points.(Mr.Lone)

2) Add the element of curiosity

Curiosity in the audience always tends them to seek more. This feeling of desire in the users will take your social media marketing campaign to places. Release your trailer and let them enjoy it for a specific amount of time. When the time limit gets over, the eagerness compels them to retain and enjoy the full version of your marketing release.

You’ll be in the driver’s seat among the competitors if you successfully develop the users’ curiosity.

3) Make personalized Videos

This modern tactic of making live, personalized videos for the audience will prove smooth sailing for your marketing campaign. The audience gets notified when you are live on any social media platform.

One of the mastermind plans is to acquire someone who is publicly and commercially loved by the people. When that celebrity comes live and responds to your comments and questions, you”ll witness an exploding amount of users in your domain.

This is exactly what Old Spice did to make its product go viral.

4) Prove it as an emotional need

Proving your invention, product, blog, or page as an emotional need for the audience is the easiest way of winning their hearts. Bring the positivity out of your release and show them how it will change their lives with a lot of favorableness. When the audience starts being optimistic about your marketing release, you can rely on word of mouth for cornering the market.

You can witness the example of the TBH app in this regard.


Social media marketing is quite an easy task if you understand the audience’s psyche. It would help if you created desire, add humor in the advertising, and fascinating facts about your release.

Think out of the Box, bring out the content which has never come before. Count on your skill and tactics. It will not be a far cry when you are in the limelight of the public.


What do you think?

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Syed M. Umair
2 months ago

I absolutely agree with your article, especially the part about analyzing your competition.

2 months ago

Great article, saad

Rajni Rajput
2 months ago

Nice article!!!

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