How To Make Converting Instagram Ads

How The Ad Should Look Like?

People come on Instagram to get entertained and not buy. Keep this in mind when crafting your ads. People have an automatic tendency to ignore ads and scroll over them even without looking or reading what it is actually about.

What you need to do to make people notice your ad is to not let your ad .. Look like an ad.

Your ad should focus on getting clicks only, the actual sale should happen on your landing page or wherever that click leads to.

The Instagram Ad Creative:

Now let’s take a look at how your ad should meet the above criteria. Pictures that catch people’s attention and make people curious. Making a red circle around a point of interest or something like a white square as seen in the image below can help do this.

The Instagram Ad Copy:

The second thing you need to focus on the ad is the ad copy. Unlike Facebook, Instagram ads only give you the option to put a picture along with two to three lines of copy. Your first line of copy should be such that it sparks curiosity and interest in the read which would make them want to read on to the next line and eventually click on your article.

The above copies are a great example of good Instagram ad copies that will spark the readers curiosity and make them read on.


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Rajni Rajput
5 months ago

Great tips Syed. Instagram Ads are playing an important role in off-peak season.

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