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Who we are

Conexa are long-term partners in water infrastructure which continuously seeks to improve outcomes for our Clients and Communities. We embrace the circular economy and have ESG principles at our core.

We support infrastructure lifecycle across all phases

We have a long history with our Clients; and the broader industry, to develop a wide range of innovative infrastructure solutions. We actively seek infrastructure which is fit for purpose, pragmatic, compliant with regulations, and represents technical and commercial excellence.

Through partnering with trusted technology suppliers and construction companies we deliver infrastructure that meets the short and long term needs of  our Clients and Customers. During delivery we focus on infrastructure quality as we know this results in the lowest whole of life costs.

We have a proven track record in acquiring existing infrastructure. We offer an efficient and effective acquisition process that actively seeks early alignment on key issues related to commercials, technical and rick. We have a deep understanding of how we can add value to existing assets.

In owning assets we take a long term view. We adapt infrastructure over time so it continues to meet the needs of our customers. We develop asset specific plans to ensure our infrastructure continuously meets the needs of stakeholders and provides a sustainable return to our investors. 

We operate assets using our own personnel or in collaboration with trusted partners. We actively engage with our customers on an ongoing basis to ensure services continue to meet expectations. We maintain proactive dialogue with regulators and meet or exceed licence conditions.

We continuously seek to improve the assets we own through expansion and / or optimisation. By monitoring global technology and trends we respond proactively to emerging issues. We seek to minimise the footprint of our operations by extending asset life and reducing resource consumption.

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So far we have


litres of recycled water distributed around Australia.
That’s enough to fill 0 Olympic Swimming Pools!!

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