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coNEXA is an infrastructure investor with deep commercial / technical expertise and proven investment models. Our unique approach enables us to be flexible, agile and provide fit for purpose solutions.

Through long term partnerships we continuously seek to improve outcomes for our Clients and Communities. We embrace the circular economy and have ESG principles at our core.

coNEXA’s ability to vary our approach to suit the needs of a project, uniquely positions our business in the markets in which we operate. We can tailor technology, delivery mechanisms, contractors and O&M models to provide fit for purpose commercial and technical solutions.  

We build trust with our stakeholders through taking a long-term view in the development, design, delivery, operation and expansion of our infrastructure. By understanding how and where our infrastructure adds value to our customers and communities, we are best placed to maximise our positive impact.

Each year we recycle 10,000,000,000L of water for residential,  industrial and agricultural purposes. We understand the need to preserve our precious natural resources and we value the importance of water security for our customers. We will continue to expand our footprint in the growing circular economy.

So far we have


litres of recycled water distributed around Australia.
That’s enough to fill 0 Olympic Swimming Pools!!

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