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Projects and Operations

Investigation, procurement, design, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure

coNEXA Projects and Operations is a trusted specialist service provider to the water and wastewater industry. coNEXA Projects and Operations assists clients throughout Australia and New Zealand with end-to-end project lifecycle support including investigation, design, procurement, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure. We pride ourselves on developing long term, trusted relationships with our clients by delivering practical, robust and cost effective, best for project solutions in the delivery, and long-term operation of water and wastewater infrastructure. Our advice is heavily influenced by our wide ranging and hand on experience. Our focus areas include “Local Water” – Local Source / Local Treatment / Local Reuse – and systems which incorporate membrane technology.

Key attributes of coNEXA Project and Operations:

  • Leading service provider in local water solutions.
  • Deep working knowledge of recycled water production and use.
  • Full membrane lifecycle services including design, piloting, challenge testing, troubleshooting, membrane autopsy and performance optimisation.
  • Demonstrated track record in securing/maintaining regulatory approvals.
  • Flexible delivery model focussed on value.
  • Design, operation and maintenance experience.