Operate and Maintain

Operate and Maintain

High quality infrastructure will only continue to perform with appropriate operational and maintenance practices. Our approach is founded on resilient operations and proactive maintenance.

We customise our operational and maintenance services to meet the needs of the project and Client. Our services range from intermittent support through to full operate and maintain over extended periods (i.e. >20 years). Our key strength and differentiator is our ability to embed our operational knowledge during investigation / approvals / design and operate / maintain phases. As a result, our infrastructure objectives are perfectly aligned with that of our Clients.

We actively seek long term relationships with our Clients which enables alignment of objectives and a move away from the traditional transactional approach.


We align our operational support packages to the needs of the Client. We combine site visits with remote monitoring and operator training to provide proactive and reactive support. On a number of projects, we provide full support packages with coNEXA undertaking all operational activities. Our operational support packages are flexible and modified as required to respond to site changes / challenges and infrastructure age. Owners of membrane plants understand the importance of maximising the life and performance of their membranes. Premature membrane replacement can be a costly exercise and poor membrane performance can lead to reductions in capacity and / or increased chemical and power consumption. coNEXA promotes a proactive approach to membrane operation and maintenance.

We schedule our site visits and remote monitoring services at the times and duration to be the most beneficial to our Clients. When demand for production is high, we increase our remote monitoring services and schedule more frequent site visits to ensure that the plants are operating as efficiently as possible. Conversely, when demand is low (often in Winter) we scale back our services to ensure that we are not ‘over servicing’ our Clients. During the site visits and complemented by the remote monitoring activities, we complete a process review of plant operation and equipment performance to determine a longer term operating history and adjust our focus based on the findings of these investigations.

coNEXA provides process optimisation and monitoring to reduce operating costs, maximise equipment life and improve treated water quality. We combine these activities with Site Visits and Remote Monitoring to encompass a holistic approach to plant operation and performance.

coNEXA can complete Process and Mechanical audits for clients to identify process performance and asset condition risks. Once complete, these audits can be used to target improvement projects for high-risk areas of each Operation. This can assist to deploy resources in the most efficient manner, and to provide a high return on time and cost investments.

Operator training forms an integral part of our project design and operate / maintain services and is essential in enabling our Clients to gain ownership and understand the risks of their new equipment, such that the design intent and performance of the system is maximised. We are also able to provide hands on site, or equipment specific training, to support initial fault finding and provide our Clients with a greater understanding of their process.

coNEXA uses a range of fit for purpose asset management systems and strategies to support ongoing maintenance and asset renewal. Our approach is informed by comprehensive risk assessments undertaken with our Clients and continuous feedback from operations. We strive to optimise the balance between maintenance costs, operational costs and capital replacement. Our design and procurement services assist Clients with any significant replacements, upgrades or expansions.

Key staff at coNEXA have extensive experience in the design and construction of membrane plants ranging from 0.3MLD to 100MLD. This experience, combined with a deep understanding of membrane plant operation, enables coNEXA to provide the highest levels of support to clients who own or a looking to own a membrane-based treatment plant. Unfortunately, there are a number of cases where membrane systems have been selected based on low capital cost and aggressive process designs. This leads to increases in operating labour, chemical costs and reduced membrane life. Our design and operation have been customised over time to ensure membrane plants can be compared on an “apples for apples” basis and true costs of ownership can be determined.

coNEXA provides a full suite of support services over the complete membrane lifecycle – from initial system design, through to membrane operation, cleaning, repairs, autopsy and membrane renewal. Our experience in the operation of membrane systems is embedded in every service we offer. coNEXA partners with our Clients to ensure treatment objectives are realised over the long term at the lowest cost of membrane ownership.

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